New Moscow grew by 3%

As a result of new construction market in October of the Moscow region retains high levels of demand, supply volume and prices, analysts said “ABC Housing.” The market buildings in Moscow region retains high levels of demand, supply volume and prices achieved in the early autumn of 2010. These findings were made in the Division of consulting and analytics company “ABC Housing.” In Moscow the average cost of a square. Meters of new buildings has increased by 3% and amounted to 150.6 thousand rubles. Experts believe this is due to the fact that in October, much of the constructed object passed to a higher stage of readiness. Although the potential demand in Moscow in September fell by about 15% in the suburbs – at 12%, experts say not buying a lull in the primary housing market. Especially since the number of transactions (realized demand) on the basis of the past month remained at a high level reached in September. “In October, the market for newly developed quite expected for mid-fall scenario. The potential demand for housing under construction in comparison with the previous month declined slightly. As a rule, buyers are planning to buy a new apartment before the end of the season, starting to find it a little earlier – in late summer – early fall, “- says Artyom Rzhavsky, head of consulting and analytics company” ABC Housing. ” In terms of the overall supply of Moscow region showed a more intense, compared with the capital growth rate. The number of proposed residential buildings are increased by 4.4% to 610. In Moscow, the supply volume remained at the previous month – about 370 objects. The appearance of new buildings for sale leveled due to absorption by the market the most affordable apartments. In Moscow a slight increase in price offset by the market launch of new buildings in the early stages of construction. The average price per unit area is increased by 0.4% to 64.6 thousand rubles.

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